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Oh, yes, won’t you please come in?
For you must love them, as well:
the “famousest of the hobbits” and his “Samwise the stouthearted”

Have a seat, please, and draw near… warm and cosy, right here by the fire. Would you like a shawl against the chill, and perhaps a cup of tea, with honey, and a biscuit?

Ah, yes… Tales such as these inspire and chill, and it is good to feel the glow of a warm hearth while we read about those we love, who took a road so very far from such comforts. For they too, liked to put their furry feet up, and share the old tales. And even did so when there was no more cosy fire, in their darkest hours, until they could recall no more…

And even though they have long since departed to some place out of time – never, ever, are they far from our hearts and memory.


Thank you, Cara Loup, for the inspiration of your own wonderful LotR tales, for your kind generosity, and for your artistic gifts in website design. Best Birthday Ever!

Warnings & Disclaimers

If explicit descriptions of same-sex love upset you, look no further. Story contents range from G to NC-17 ratings and are marked accordingly. To read anything above a PG-13 rating, you must be of legal age in your part of the world.
I make no claim to owning any of the characters or worlds herein, nor do I make any profit from them.